Who is the Cell Coach?

Will Allan Kalpakoff

Clients call Will Kalpakoff the “Cell Coach.” It’s a title known by an elite group that includes CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes and achievers from all walks of life. Despite his low profile, these high-power individuals know that Will is the person to call about the deepest aspects of their fitness and health.

Trained as a naturopath, Kalpakoff specializes in human blood cell physiology. Beyond traditional blood microscopy, he holds vast expertise in every aspect of the relationship between cell structure and overall performance and health. He consults with medical professionals, universities, sports organizations and athletes around the world on issues ranging from autoimmune diseases to nutritional deficiencies, optimal athletic performance and mental and physical health.

The result is a program called Cell Coaching TM , which integrates Will’s extensive experience into an approach to health that includes DNA analysis, cell physiology, lifestyle analysis and mental acuity. Participants learn to maximize their health and talents by improving their nutrition, mindset and cellular health.

Confidentiality and trust are paramount as Will examines the cellular relationship between behaviors, emotions, physical conditioning and individual chemistry in partnerships that often continue for years, as he helps clients to surmount their unique barriers to optimal health.

In short, Will is the secret weapon for high performers who are interested in achieving new levels of health and success.

A Legacy in Professional Sports, Now Available to All

For more than a decade, Kalpakoff has been a highly sought-after advocate for a growing list of professional athletes, protecting agents’ and managers’ investments in their athletes’ mental and physical health. He has directed safe and applicable steps to improve athletes’ endurance, strength and performance while avoiding illegal or banned substances that could negatively impact athletes’ careers and future value to their brands or potential sponsors.

Now, through the opening of a new Las Vegas location and a growing set of products and virtual resources, the benefits of Kalpakoff’s elite services are becoming available to all.

In face-to-face sessions, Kalpakoff combines the analysis of a client’s cell structure with the individual’s mental and physical game, making his advanced approach to cellular health available to every person who requires optimal ability, is combating a physical condition or is simply seeking a path to vibrant well-being and optimal health.

For those who are unable to meet with Kalpakoff directly, he is now creating published materials about his client and research experiences and is increasingly making ideal products available to all who require them through recommended sources and through the fulfillment resources of his growing organization. Ultimately, Will’s ambition is to make his growing legacy of research and experience available to all.